L8 – Tanning liquid for mammals

L8 - Tanning liquid for mammals. L8 is used for tanning mammal skins. Instructions: 1. Soak the dried or salted skin in the L3 dilution. Ensure the salt is removed thoroughly. 2. Centrifuge the skin. 3. Apply the L8 with a brush on the skin. 4. Fold the skin and let it absorbe 24 hours, then centrifuge again. 5. Split the skin. 6. Repeat the full treatment. 7. Grease the skin with L2 and let it absorb 2 to 4 hours. 8. Repeat the L2 treatment. 9. Leave to dry on wooden strips with the treated side up. 10. Clean with humid beech sawdust for about 45 minutes. Then expel and air. For heavy skins repeat several times. L8 is not harmful for health when used externally. Volume: 1 liter.
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